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  • I’m a lip balm junkie and love to try new ones. I first ordered one Pina Colada one to try and loved it!  I buy the 5-pack now so I can have all of them!
    - Hailey S. – St.Petersburg, FL
  • I was given my Key Lime Margarita fragrance mist by a friend when I was down visiting in Florida.  Now every time I spray it I’m reminded of my lovely trip to those beautiful beaches. 
    - Hannelore L.  – Union City, NJ
  • Bought the large Mojito Body Scrub and Loofah soap originally for my wife.  They were put in the shower and now I’m hooked!  No more dry skin.  Will be a fixture in our bathroom from now on.
    - Shawn N. – Hamilton, Ontario
  • I think the Coconut Candle in Strawberry Daiquiri Fragrance actually reminds me of strawberry lip gloss as a cold smell but has a nice strawberry fragrance while burning.  The real coconut shell is the cutest little addition to my island themed patio.


    - Beverley B. – Plano, TX
  • Got the 5-pack of Assorted Organic Lip Balm SPF 25+ because it is natural and smells heavenly. I bought it for my husband who is not a fan of natural products but always seems to have cracked, sore lips from working outside in the sun everyday.  He tried it and said, “Wow. Am I really not supposed to eat this? It smells like I should eat it. And it feels so good, not waxy.”

    - Theresa N. – Palm Harbor, FL
  • MY FAVORITE BODY SCRUB YET!  I am always looking to try new, healthy products since I am an organic junkie and came across this one by surfing the net.  I was happy with the 2 day delivery time and when I opened the box and scrub it smelled absolutely devine.  I love how it’s more like a lotion consistency and not super oily. Will continue to reorder and maybe try the other fragrances soon!

    - Nancy P. – Ocean City , MD
  • I gave the Island Essentials in Pina colada scent as a birthday gift. There is a nice assortment of different products and fragrances which made it really hard to choose. It was not too expensive but looks very nice and smells amazing. Will definitely buy again!
    - Frankie N.- San Jose, CA
  • What I liked the most about this amazing product is the way it’s packaged! Sounds like a rich gift, and smells very tropical and delicious.  A great item to have at house, even just waiting for next time you need to gift a special someone.
    I bought this as a gift for my Sister when she babysat my little one for a week and she just can’t stop thanking me for it. 

    - Nicole C. Marietta, GA